"Poor Man's Cuisine Rich Man's Delicacy"

Every country in the world has national Peasent dishes that have become "Rich Man's delicacies".

From Pig trotters tails & ears to oxtail lamb neck salted fish soups chowders Frog Mutton festivals bakes festivals fish cakes cocou flying fish sugar cakes anything that the noblemen masters discarded to the under privelledged Peasants the improvished.

Alas they ignored man's creative instinct to survive improvise devise and create treasure from anothers man's perceived rubbish. Combine with the Rich Man's desire to consume flavorful culinary treats the Peasant was employed enslaved to cook for the aforementioned hence honing their skill and creativity to satisfy their Master's whilst furthering their education.

This skill was then employed around one "skillet" that would contain a concofiny of smells and flavours that would waft afar on the winds of hope that would be craved by others, who would come to taste and treasure that same discarded rubbish, Ironically.

Irony can be somewhat cruel as the Peasant food became of value hence the discarded produce was no longer discarded but sold at inflated prices to the poor man to cook his new found delicacies.

The aforementioned ethos is still employed today but we are proud and have built on our foundations.

I am pleased to say the salted fish that was employed for the sake of preservation now forms Fish Cakes & Fish Fritters or ackee & Salt fish. Lamb neck we employ in our soups with fried bakes or festivals to add texture and sweetness, whilst Oxtail & Butter Bean Stew curry mutton Jerk Chicken are standard phrases in todays culinary dictionaries.

Our food is now sort after world wide from pickled pig trotters (Souse) from wooden beach hut in barbados to the hotels our fish cakes are requested and our currys stews and soups are craved.

So I invite all whether from the caribbean or uk to enjoy the history of our caribbean food as well as enjoy the taste.

Big Mikes is a only a minute sample of what the Caribbean can offer but please delve into My Oxtail & Butter Bean Stew Curry Goat with rice & peas Jerk Chicken Caribbean Soups with Pumkin sweet potato fried dumplings etc. Try our Avocado Soused Salad and Coconut Sweet Bread.

Whilst the cuisne is yet to flood the Supermarket shelves we are an exploding corner of the market. Vibrant Food that should be consider a delicacy or at least a weekend treat to all.

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