Great Tasting Caribbean Food Takes Time & Effort.


"I dont mek sport when it comes to my food". Translated for my non Bajan Peers I luv the entire food ethology. When I have a slice of toast it must be golden to well done where the edges become slightly charred & the butter (not margarine) must be spread right up to the corners. The marmalade evenly distributed so I enjoy each & every mouthful as it was my first & last.

This ethos is what I employ for any and every dish that I prepare. It does not matter if its a sandwhich or banquet for my Queen, it will always be a damn fine sandwhich to be dined rather than eaten by Royalty.

I gain personal pleasure in sourcing the best ingredients I can from my favorite shops farm or garden. I take pride in selecting my vegetables fruit meat poultry & fish. The earlier,the better I find as you get the best pickings and bagains. I am the gentlemen you will see smelling the herbs and ensuring the buds are fat juicey & glisening with morning dew. There are two reasons main reasons for this, the obvious, the better the produce "De sweeter de food" & secondly I have found if you demonstate a luv & sincere appreciation for the produce, such as fish, the Producer/Seller puffs their chest to demonstrate a pride & tries to give you the best of their range. The personal touch that simply cannot be paid for.

Kiwi popsicle
Belgian Waffles

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